Tutoring Service


I offer tutorship in Digital Media, on both PC and Macintosh computers. Having taken all of the 2D-related Digital Media courses at Cabrillo College, I am well-versed with all of the assignments and expectations. I received As in all Art and Digital Media classes, with no late assignments and nearly perfect scores.

I am a friendly, quiet, flexible person who loves design. I am understanding and empathetic of life’s lemons and hardships.

Education and Skills


Courses taken
DM1—Intro to Digital Media
DM4—Digital Graphics
DM5—Design for Digital Media
DM60—Web Design HTML & CSS
DM70—Creative Careers for Digital Media
DM80—The Studio
ART2A—Drawing & Composition I
ART2B—Drawing & Composition II
ART4—Beginning Color & Design
ART27—Graphic Design

Skills Involved
Basic art & design skills, typography, CARP design aesthetics (contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity), layout & visual balance.

Degrees & certificates
• Associate of Science, Digital Publishing
• Graphic Imaging Certificate
• Publication Design Skills Certificate

Adobe Photoshop

Courses taken
DM12—Photoshop Techniques I

Skills involved
Photo editing and manipulation, retouching, resolution and resizing, and layers.
I understand basic print and web requirements for images; PNG, JPG, TIFF, CMYK & RGB, resolution.

Completed projects through Photoshop
See Portfolio
DM12 Final Project

Adobe Illustrator

Courses taken
DM11—Digital Illustration

Skills & tools involved
Pen tool, text tool, width tool, puppet tool, gradient mesh tool, gradient tool, blend tool, color palettes, pathfinder and alignment tools.
Exporting for print and web: PDFs and PNGs.

Projects include
Any web images
Print: postcards, flyers, posters.

Completed projects through Illustrator
See Portfolio

Adobe InDesign

Courses taken
DM2—Digital Publishing I and DM6—Digital Publishing II

Skills & tools involved
Document setup and layout, margins, bleeds, columns, paragraph styles, character styles, image placement and resizing, gradients, color palettes, CC library, master pages, bullets, hanging indents, table of contents, tabs, alignment.

Projects include
Print: postcards, flyers, posters, double-sided, pamphlets, booklets.

Completed projects through InDesign
See Portfolio
Cabrillo College’s 2018 Porter Gulch Review, as main designer
Young Writers Program 2018 publication of In Our Minds, as Digital Media Production Director
DM2 Midterm Project: an 8-page pamphlet mailer
DM2 Final Project: a 52-page booklet, bound by hand
• DM6 Final Project: a 28-page, coming soon



During the summer 2019
9am-10:30a, or 5:30-7pm

Payments accepted

Cash or PayPal only