Be well.

Be healthy.

Be kind.


The Sentimental Lentil is…

…is a series of artwork created by Trista Bailey, which feature designs that align with nature, animals, and eco-friendly messages. With a blend of empathy and quirkiness, the art will be visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing, along with attention to detail, and full of color. Bright, cheery, whimsical, uplifting, inspiring & enlightening.

Mission Statement

To celebrate the life of Earth through compassion, self-expression, and art of kindness.

Where to buy

Any products are not yet available for purchase, as I am still creating the initial designs. However, when they are ready, they will be available on Society6. Sign up below for updates.


Cow Exist

May or may not be a subtle play on Co-Exist.


First of a Zodiac series

Each sign will feature its planet, birthstone and associated flowers/plants.