Cheryl is a published author and a professor of English at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. She wanted a mellow look that reflected her inner calmness.





A number of years ago I got tired and overwhelmed with traditional art, and more or less abandoned it. I have so many art supplies and paper, it's crazy, and none of them are being used. I've always had an interest in creating stuff in a digital format—back in the day I primarily used pirated versions Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. I went back to school at a local community college to specifically learn Photoshop because I thought it was the end-all for all graphic design. Then I learned about what Illustrator and InDesign can both do, and I generally only use Photoshop for basic editing and file creation for other formats. I haven't added much to this gallery in awhile since I've been in school, but I plan to work on stuff once the semester is over.




In my digital media career at my local community college, when I only originally went to learn Photoshop, I really fell in love with what can be created in InDesign. Besides trying to get a freelance graphic design career going, I could do this kind of work for a living. Creating books, catalogs, brochures, etc, is really interesting to me, and I truly enjoy making sure everything lines up and is perfect for print.


Graphic Design

These flyers were designed for my on-campus job as a Graphic Designer for the Office of Student Equity at Cabrillo College.

These items are a various collection of school assignments and other jobs.